Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in work of traditional XV International conference "Topical problems of energy conversion in lithium electrochemical systems” which is held 17-20 September 2018 based on St. Petersburg state institute of technology (Technical university).

Conference program:

Conference program is composed of plenary lectures (40 mines.), oral contributions(20 mines.), selected by the Organizing committee and posters on following topics:
- creation and development of lithium and lithium-ion power sources ;
- features of physical and chemical processes in lithium power sources;
- sodium-ion and similar batteries;
- electrochemical symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitors;
- electrolyte and electrolytic systems (liquid, solid, polymer and gel-polymer);
- the technologies of production of chemical power sources;
- new materials, including composite and nanosized materials;
- refining and utilisation of chemical power sources;
- special questions of using lithium power sources. Floated batteries for renewable energy sources (RES) on the basis of LIB.

Scientific conference program will include following questions:

  • thermodynamics and kinetics of processes of lithium intercalation and deintercalation in electrode materials of various nature;
  • synthesis and property of new materials for positive and negative electrodes of lithium power sources;
  • physical, chemical and electrochemical properties of electrodes in lithium power sources;
  • electrocatalysis in lithium electrochemical systems;
  • macrokinetics in lithium electrochemical systems;
  • thermodynamic, structural and transport properties of lithium electrolyte systems – liquid, pseudosolid and solid (polymer and inorganic);
  • experimental methods of researches of lithium electrochemical systems;
  • theoretical bases of the technologies of production, recycling and utilisation of lithium  power sources;
  • supercapacitors with nonwater electrolyte.

Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.
Conference materials will be published in digest.


Esarev Igor Vladimirovich - responsible secretary

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