Volume of article3 or 4 full pages of text on format A4,which includes pictures, tables and references.

You have to write text on Russian or English language. Text is had to  include name of report (using capital letters), surname and initials of author (12pt), name and address of the organization, main text (Times New Roman Cyr,14pt),pictures,tables and references.

Literary references are had to be in the end of the text.

Pictures, tables, photographs have to be inserted into the text and also enclosed in separate files in jpg or tif format.

The line spacing is single, the size of the margins on all sides is 2.5 cm, the indention is 1.25 cm.

The text is had to be prepared in the Word 2003 or 2010 in * .doc or * .docx format.

The materials are had to be made in one copy (a hard copy signed by the authors) and also you should have an electronic version.

With the articles you have to put expert’s opinions about your possibility of publication in the open press. (Scan expert opinions  (in  PDF format) are had to be sent by e-mail before July 15, 2018, paper versions - bring to the opening of the conference).


Example of the format of the articles



(14pt, in capital letters, bold, italic, in the center)

Author’s name

(12pt, bold, center, one spacing from the title of the report)

The name of the organization and full address (12pt, center, one interval from the author’s name)

e-mail of the author (12pt, centered)

The text of the article (14pt, after 1 interval, which formatted in width)

Download template

If the Articles is not formed in accordance with the rules, they will be rejected by the Organizing Committee.
The Organizing Committee does not guarantee including materials in the collection after paying the registration fee on JULY 30, 2018.